Rocket Bowl gives the classic bowling experience a futuristic touch
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Rocket Bowl Plus (v2.2) gives the classic bowling experience a futuristic touch taking place in the contours of the RocketBowl Dome at the Kalamazoo Fair. The bowling balls are powered by rockets and curve, boost, and hop over water, hills, traps and across bridges.

Try to knock down the special dollar Pins, collect bonus coins and participate on matches against local professionals to accumulate money and buy more advanced bowling balls. Experience this game in a 3D environment with excellent graphics and effects as well as real time physics giving a realistic feeling to the game.

Additionally you can play fast mini-striker bonus levels to unlock all the Rocket Bowl courses. Very challenging and so much fun to play, give a chance to the new bowling gaming it will be an addictive experience.

Other features included in the game:

-Play in ten different courses.
-Two game modes.
-Tournament play.
-Unlocking twenty unique bowling balls.
-Bowling across all seven unique bonus courses.
-Unlimited game play.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Challenging
  • Good Graphics


  • Few levels
  • Easy to master
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